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Big Joe LPE50/LPE60 Cushion Tire Lithium Forklift Truck

The Big Joe LPE50 and LPE60 electric forklifts are impressive machines that offer a compelling alternative to traditional internal combustion trucks. Let’s delve into their features:

  1. Clean Power: These forklifts provide clean, emission-free power, contributing to a greener and more sustainable operation.
  2. Lowest Operating Cost: With their lithium power source, the LPE50 and LPE60 boast the lowest operating cost among general-purpose pneumatic forklifts.
  3. Long Run Time: The LPE50 runs for approximately 6 to 6.5 hours, while the LPE60 operates for 5.5 to 6.0 hours continuously.
  4. Fast Charging: An opportunity charge at a rate of 10% every 22 minutes keeps them up and running efficiently.
  5. Comfortable Operator Compartment: These electric forklifts offer a spacious and comfortable operator compartment, ensuring productivity without compromising comfort.
  6. IP54 Rated: Equipped with solid pneumatic tires, they are IP54 rated, making them suitable for outdoor use in most conditions.
  7. Powerful Lithium Battery: The UL-recognized 80V 460AH Li-ion battery provides ample power for demanding tasks.
  8. Impressive Lift Heights: The maximum lift height ranges from 189" to 197".
  9. Compact Collapsed Height: When not in use, the collapsed height varies from 87.4" to 93.1".
  10. Sideshift Functionality: Enhance productivity with the included sideshift functionality.
  11. Built Tough: Big Joe LPE trucks are robustly constructed, ensuring durability and reliability.

The decision to switch to electric forklifts is a no-brainer. Say goodbye to high fuel and maintenance costs associated with internal combustion trucks. Opt for the future—go electric

• Capacity

LPE50 5,000lbs. @ 24” load center to 130" 4,000lbs. to 189"/197"
LPE60 6,000lbs. @ 24" load center to 130" 4,800lbs to 189"/197"

• Power

UL recognized 80v 460AH Li-ion battery

• Max Lift Height

189" to 197"

• Collapsed Height

LPE50 87.4" to 90.7"
LPE60 89.8" to 93.1"

• Fork Dimensions

LPE50 42" Standard
LPE60 42" Optional

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